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All products and brands have an inherent community of users attached to them. In the age of digital communication where a message travels across the world in milliseconds, the news of earthquakes reaches cities before the tremors themselves, it has become important for any company to embrace this community and leverage the strengths it provides.

Communities play a crucial role in defining the brand image as well as influencing revenue and growth. They comprise of users, fans, potential buyers and naysayers. It is important to both accelerate and shape these communities to ensure they make a positive impact on the business.

Management of these communities entails not only publicizing about products and services but also pro-actively addressing needs and concerns raised by the members. It is important not to get swept away in the onslaught of comments and complaints but to engage while ensuring no user feels left behind. Communities can also play an integral part of strategic decisions and campaigns. In addition to this, they can perform the role of market research without having to spend millions on surveys and experiments. Understanding the requirements and sentiments of a brand's community, and incorporating the feedback into design and development can make the difference between a hated product and a well-liked one.

Various platforms ranging from blogs and discussion forums to social networking sites can be used to create and nurture communities. Each platform has it's own nuances and tricks that must be dealt with to maximize user satisfaction.

At Renascent, we help organizations capitalize on this community and also position themselves as a more customer friendly brand. Sway the market opinion instead of letting the market opinion sway your brand. Get in touch with us today.


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